Saturday, March 23, 2013

Talking with Grandma

This morning I had a beloved conversation with my grandma.  We are hundreds of miles apart, but I pretend as I listen to her voice that she's right there in the room with me.  Our conversations are a little more general these days because sadly dementia has taken it's evil grip on her mind, but our hearts still know each other and converse just fine.  At the end of our talk I told her I loved her and as she said "I love you" back, I broke down in tears.  I told her I loved her again and she said her good-byes.  I think I said it once more as she was hanging up, just for good measure.  She is so special to me, I wanted to make sure she knew.  I just sobbed as I hung up, I miss her so much.

After our conversation, as I got dressed and ready for a day of basketball and little ones, In honor of my grandma, I made myself aware, yet again, how blessed I am.  I have these six beautiful babies and a husband who I can still kiss good-night at the end of each day.  When my grandpa passed, I truly believe he took part of my grandma with him.  She misses him terrible.  

A few weeks ago, I was going through some old pictures and found this CD with images of a visit to the Albuquerque zoo with my sister and grandparents back in 2005.  Back then, they would come for a month at a time and stay with my mom (I still lived in New Mexico then) and I was fortunate enough to get to spend a lot of time with them.  I look back at these pictures and remember that day like it was yesterday.  Precious photographs, slightly blurry and out of focus, but priceless.  

Life is short and goes by in a blur.  Today, if you have someone special that maybe you haven't talked to in awhile, call them.  Even if it is to just say hi, or better yet, I Love you.  Do it in honor of my beautiful grandma!    

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