Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't cry mom...

Last night when we were putting the girls to bed, Sage said to me, "don't cry tomorrow mom." Upon hearing this, my husband laughed out loud and told Sage that he'd buy her a car if I didn't.  My neighbor wanted in on the deal, and he was so confident, he agreed.

Neither are getting a car.  I didn't cry, I blubbered.

Asking me not to feel sad when I put any of my babies on a plane is like asking me not to breath.  My heart literally feels like it's breaking.  I sit here, waiting for their plane to take off and wipe the tears away, willing to be anywhere else and wishing they were there with me.  

When my husband left this morning, he kissed me goodbye and reminded me that I had to take this journey today in order to get all my babies home next Sunday, the 29th.  I tried to think that way today, but when the attendant takes them from me and I have to watch them disappear... I can't help but to feel heartache,  I'm stuck in that moment.

Today, for the second year in a row, the girls had a two hour delay which led them to missing school and allowed some extra time with me.  I had initially intended them to go, but was grateful for the excuse to keep them home.  After all, no point in going just for an hour.  So, I just enjoyed their presence and tried to forget about this afternoon.  

Now, As I wait for them to take off, I pray for their safe return and will them to know how much I love them.  My message to you my dear readers, is to hug your loved ones close this Christmas.  Forget about the presents and stress of buying the right gift... A child in your lap or a sweetheart in your arms is all you need. 

Merry Christmas my sweeties... Hug each other for me and I'll see all four of you soon!  And remember, I love you all to the moon and stars and back...