Friday, July 27, 2012

My dearest baby,

As I lay here at the end of my littlest one's second birthday, I reflect on all my babies and how precious they are.

Today as I watched Max swim in the pool, splashing about without fear, smiling with pure joy, I thought back to two years ago and him in the NICU. I remember how scared I was, how sad and broken my heart felt at not being able to hold him. I felt grateful for today, for him.

Tonight after putting the other littles to bed, Jerry and I took some time with him and then I put him to bed, staying with him until he was asleep. I had a hard time leaving, because two years ago I wasn't able to be with him.

I thought about all of my babies and how much it hurts when I can't be with them. Wether it's a hospital room or an airport, my heart breaks in million pieces every time I have my baby taken away.

Tonight I remember...

I remember snuggling with Sam at the lake and feeling him fall asleep, as his body relaxed he fell against me and I cherished the moment of having my oldest son so close.

Before bed Jerry and I check on the kids and one night we found Savannah snuggled with her bear and Max next to her, both sound asleep. My two precious babies.

I love all of you, wether near or far and I love you so very much.