Thursday, January 7, 2016

Power of Music

I've always had either songs or music as part of my little ones bedtime.  I believe in the power they have in helping to calm the spirit.  One of my favorite examples is how I listened to Andrea Bocelli when I was pregnant with Saxton and after she was born, his music would stop her from crying.  Now it's one of Max's favorites. 

I thought about this at clinical on Tuesday when one of the residents was riding up and down in his scooter listening to Reba.  Everyone really enjoyed it.

So Later, when I was talking to one of my patient's wife, I asked her what type of music her husband liked, as he was a stroke victim and couldn't verbalize well.  She said he liked classical, so I decided to play Max's bedtime playlist him and It was amazing how he responded. You could tell he loved it.  When Andrea Bocelli's Time To Say Goodbye started playing, it looked like he was mouthing the words.  His wife and a guest who was also visiting couldn't believe it.  It was like an awakening.

Later, during his trach care and suctioning, which aren't pleasant, I decided to play the playlist again and he seemed to tolerate the treatment better.   It's inspired me to try and bring more music into the healthcare setting and when possible, play it when I can for my patients.  After all, you never if it might be the magic tool that will help awaken the soul. 

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