Monday, May 4, 2015

Eve of Motherhood

Seventeen years ago today I was still pregnant with my firstborn and I went to bed not knowing it was my eve of motherhood.  I remember waking up in the early morning hours and realizing my water had broken.  Thinking I had hours until she made her appearance, I showered and we took our time leaving for the hospital from our apartment in the suburbs of Chicago.  However, now knowing Savannah, I should have known better.  Labor came on quickly and between the 45 miles between home and the hospital, we were pulled over twice.  After speeding through toll booths without paying and breaking 100 mph on 294, we made it to the hospital just 50 minutes before Savannah made her way into the world.  There was no time for pain meds and the delivery was an intense blur.  But then, just as the sun was coming up, she was placed in my arms and time stood still.  I'll never forget holding her and falling head over heals in an instant.  I couldn't believe she was mine. 

Now this little sprite is all grown up and I am so very proud of the young woman she has become.  
She is amazing, beautiful and so full of sunshine.

Happy birthday sweet girl...  I love you to the moon and stars... and back.

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